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Nazmul is a full-stack developer and a chartered accountant. He specializes in Finance & Technology and develops data-driven web and app-based business solutions for C-Suite. These solutions use agile methodologies and languages & frameworks such as React, Angular, Node.JS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, and MySQL. He also loves to teach Excel Visual Basic for Applications.

Nazmul worked for Corporate Finance and IT Advisory department of the renowned firm Rahman Rahman Huq, a member firm of KPMG International, where he was known as a troubleshooter because of his rare blend of expertise in Finance and Technology. During his 4 year tenure, he has developed a Financial Management Toolkit for Small and Medium Enterprises for UNDP, reviewed Data Migration for one of the renowned scheduled banks in Bangladesh and prepared interactive Financial Models and decision-making tools.

Most of his assignments were first time advisory assignments and he was responsible for managing projects and leading teams. He also conducted trainings on Microsoft Excel and task automation using Visual Basic for Applications.


Nazmul provides the following services

C-Suite Solutions
Customized Business Solutions
Data Analytics & Dashboard

Data Migration Consultancy
Corporate Excel Training


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Work Portfolio

So far Nazmul has completed more than 60 projects. These projects include Excel & Access based business solutions targeting small & medium enterprises and web based business solutions for large organizations with multi locations.

Excel & Access based Automated Business Solution

Excel as presentation layer | Access as database

Inventory management system

Multi-location | Role Based | Multi-user


Data analytics | Dashboard | Data visualization

Branch management system

Multi-location | Bookkeeping | Equipment | Inventory | Role Based | Multi-user
Project with UNDP

As a consultant

Bangladesh is an emerging economy with a vibrant SMEs segment struggle to be included in formal finance – to address the problem of the Missing Middle and enhance economic opportunity to this particular segment of private sector, UNDP and KPMG have partnered earlier this year to develop a self-assessment tool for SMEs.




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